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"Sword of Fire and Sea" by Erin Hoffman

…For many reasons, I rarely give up on fantasy debuts, especially ones by authors from my hometown San Diego, but Sword of Fire and Sea by Erin Hoffman just didn’t have what it takes to keep me reading past the midway point — and even making it that far was a struggle… Erin Hoffman is a video game designer as well as an author, and it’s hard not to feel that this world and story would maybe have worked better as the template for an elaborate RPG. There are heroes and villains, lots of action, an interesting magic system and an intriguing fantasy universe. All this material obviously took a lot of thought and imagination, and it would be fun to explore it in an interactive format… but as a novel it unfortunately doesn’t work. I genuinely wanted to like this novel, so I kept going back to it to give it another try, but in the end Sword of Fire and Sea is one of the very few books I just couldn’t find the motivation to finish.

Read the entire review here! (and by the way, also on GoodReads - I'm going to stop updating this thing at some point because hardly anyone reads it.)

Disclaimer: the publisher of this novel sent me a free review copy of this novel.

Next up: I'm re-reading Robert Charles Wilson's "Spin" and "Axis" for tor.com articles, and as a warm-up for "Vortex".


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