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sraets's Journal

Uncluttering my mind

25 July 1972
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I'm a geek, but I'm told I don't look like one. Maybe I just manage to hide it? My main passions are reading (science fiction and fantasy mainly, but really almost everything) and music. I'm happily unemployed and have decided to use some of the spare time I now have for doing some of the things I always wanted to do when I was still working 12 hour days. Writing more is one of them --- hence this journal.

Also, this journal mainly has 2 types of posts. Public ones are about books, music and (occasionally) concerts --- so mainly reviews. Friends-only ones are everything else - private stuff, family, politics and so on. If you want to read the friends-only ones, drop me a note and let me know who you are.

ALSO! The FTC wants you to know that some of the books I review here are free review copies that I have received from publishers. Occasionally, the review is about a book I bought or checked out from the library, but in most cases, it's based on a galley or advance review copy that I have received for free from either the publisher or author. Whether I paid for the book or not, you can be sure that I'll express an honest opinion here, and on any of the other sites where my reviews are published. Many of my reviews appear on www.fantasyliterature.com and on a few other sites.